The broker doesn’t raise any worries in me. It’s regulated by a well-known watchdog, CySeC. However, there’s a problem in me – I’m still struggling to increase the percentage of my profitable intraday trades. Fast processing is a calling card of the company. Verification of the account was smooth and fast, as well as deposit of funds. I can allocate here the presence of 4 main platforms.

Had to switch on classical MT4 platform with floating spreads and market execution. Basically, it’s a very individual thing and traders decide on their own which features are the most attractive for them. Anyway, I am grateful to this broker that it is responsive and honest.

LimeFx Alternative Brokers

This the reason why they left the market in the United States, as they were not able to deceive so many people. In fact, the company is a financial Ponzi scheme, pyramid. The same opinion shares the next trader who warns new traders to stay away from this broker. The client wrote in his review that all this protection is complete nonsense and lies. He asks to write on the website a true spread, the maximum, that is sometimes 3-4 times higher than the allowable value and only in this way takes the transaction to a negative balance. Do not believe the nice advertising of “Kitchen”.

LimeFx cheating

I had been using LimeFx for almost a year and my opinion is very good about this broker. The speed of execution is similar to most brokers, but don’t care about it. The spread is really tight and my withdrawal experience is good.

And I’m constantly studying the market to make sure that every step I take is well thought out. But I still have a lot of work ahead of me. As for my work here, I can say that this company does not cause me any problems. I work with capital that is convenient for me. Moreover, MT4 includes many indicators and specific settings to look at the situation from different angles. Now broker still continues its development by adding on more instruments hence influencing the company’s growth too.

I always get detailed and clear answers to any questions. Thanks to this support, I understand how to perform certain functions. And I always know where to find helpful information. I do not like entrusting my money and time to companies that cannot organize and provide their work.

Immediate and intuitive, slippage sometimes happens, but half in my direction. For me, the spreads on the major currency pairs are very good. LimeFx broker always has great customer service, all questions are resolved immediately.

Ratings On Other Platforms

You have pointed out everything pretty precisely. In general, the company is adequate, they work without kidalova, for 5 months there is no hint that scammers or unscrupulous work. Somehow I had to write to them early in the morning, quotes from history disappeared, and I did not particularly hope for an answer so early – but they answered me literally 3 minutes later. There are not as many ways to output as we would like to see, but there are basic ones. They even seem to support the crypt, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. And so, I didn’t count any major disadvantages here.

It’s hard to expect a lot from the app because it will always have a limited functionality compared to the desktop version. It’s very easy to use and I can’t complain about its functionality – it comes with the most popular indicators. All of the programs are alright for intraday trading, you can choose the one that you got used to and which appeal to you the most. As a result, it turned out that I will not have stocks. That is, I will not physically buy and sell different stocks, but simply trade contracts. In fact, I still find it difficult to understand how it all happens.

  • On the positive side, the prices listed were accurate all the time, and they were not manipulating the markets.
  • Over the years with them I have never had problems with execution, support or withdrawals.
  • My personal motivation to join this broker was that it’s regulated and it offers fixed spreads.
  • Due to its huge active client base, LimeFx can match a large part of its order flow internally, minimizing risks and costs while offering its users great prices.
  • But the highly rated brand does not mean that they will not deceive you.

Anyways you can always address this question to the client support. They won’t take too long to answer, believe me. LimeFx support is one of the best supports limefx company reviews I’ve met in my trading career. The broker has a diverse way to withdraw funds, including cryptos. I love cTrader, and am glad i found a broker that has it.

Enjoy trading here, very convenient for me. You can use the services of Neteller, NetBanx, Webmoney, FasaPay and PayPal. I should add that they have a very friendly customer support. They were so kind to help me when I had verification issues. I tend to suppose that such brokers deserve to be noticed, especially by novices in trading activity.

I compared it to ICMarkets’s and the gap’s just quite big. Their spreads change so fast, my other friends limefx currently trading with LimeFx always update me. Their spreads could get doubled or even tripled.


After joining LimeFx, the methods of stealing money, apparently, have not changed for this company under a different name. Another trader writes that he is glad to get away from LimeFx but he can’t. The trading platform freezes at the right moment, the spread grows, there is a limit to everything – the broker should not deceive clients in such a horrible way, it is just wrong. Cheating on slippage dealing centers is very easy and LimeFx is no exception. The most important thing to prove a broker’s deception is harder than you think.

Full transparency and best business practices are standard. The firm provides a wide range of trading options and is always searching for new, innovative ways to use the latest technology to enhance your overall trading experience. Can someone tell me about this broker please, I need to find a better broker than I have been working with.

LimeFx cheating

Here is another forum where the trader advises to stay away from scammers. They steal customer’s money and explain this fraud by the hacking of their system. Another client suffered from the theft of a smaller sum – he lost $ 30,000 of his trading account. He received no explanation from LimeFx why his money disappeared from his account. I have been working with LimeFx for quite a long time. In a word, I am happy with everything here.

BrokersRelevant exposure

This is a system for creating trading robots without using programming languages. This broker suits me if only for the reason that I am a Muslim and I need special conditions for trading. I follow the Shariah and I have the opportunity to work on a swap-free account.

Next, we look at the corresponding section, which appeared not long time ago, as well as with other official documents. Open it and you will see the English version only. For the Russian-speaking client, this broker does not have any translated document. Another opinion about the conflict between the broker, the client and the liquidity provider. The conflict will be in any case, the trader sums up, since the liquidity providers are the same “Kitchens”, but only bigger.


I think this is one of the most honest and transparent companies. I have never encountered problems with withdrawing funds. I like scalping trading strategy so the most important thing, that LimeFx can offer me tight spreads and instant execution. It’s very pleasant to operate without any problems, delays or constant freezes, which I encountered quite often with other brokers, even fairly well-known.

The only point is that regulatory standards and protection vary based on the entity. We learned that as a licensed broker, LimeFx is subject to strict European laws, providing its financial services guaranteed by legal regulatory agencies. Basically, FX Pro is a market maker & their retail contract although written to confuse the reader, states that you trade in a FX Pro market & there is actually no real market.

You really have to take this seriously because if a broker keeps money in his pockets and won’t let traders withdraw it looks like a scam. Of course, not every trader has problems with withdrawals but not just a few either. If somebody tells you that they manipulate charts then this could be a personal impression that doesn’t have to be true. But withdrawal issues are another story. Aside from the trading platforms, trading tools like Economic Calendar, Forex News, and Calculators are also available.

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